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Service Price

Groom Rate

Canine (Dog)

$50 per hour

Feline (Cat)

$50 per hour

Service Menu

Prospect (Mobile Service)


Mid Island (Mobile Service)


West Bay (Mobile Service)


North Side/East End(Mobile Service)


On-site Setup/Dismantle


Pawdicure (Nail clipping / filing / pads)


Pawdicure (requiring no pad work)


Ear Cleansing





$50 per hour

Bath (routine general cleansing)

$50 per hour + shampoo & conditioner cost

Bath (medicated)

$50 per hour + shampoo cost


$50 per hour

Shave Down

$50 per hour


$50 per hour

Teeth Brushing



$50 per hour

Thorough Brush Out

$50 per hour

Full Groom with Style

$50 per hour + shampoo & conditioner cost

Full Groom kept Natural

$50 per hour + shampoo cost

Bath & Blow Dry only

$50 per hour + shampoo & conditioner cost

Bath & Towel Dry

$50 per hour + shampoo & conditioner cost


  • A special handling surcharge of $20 will apply when handling pet(s) with an active flea &/or tick infestation.

In House Service Products

Shampoo (Best Shot)

$2.50 per application

Conditioner (Best Shot)

$2.50 per application

Oatmeal Shampoo

$7.50 per application

Medicated Shampoo

$7.50 per application

Frontline Spray (Merial)

$4.50 per ounce

Retail Sales

Frontline Spray 17oz (Merial)


Metal Comb


Bristle Brush (small)

$ 6.00

Bristle Brush (Medium)

$ 7.50

Bristle Brush (Large)

$ 9.00

Zoom Groom (cat)

$ 9.00

Zoom Groom (dog)

$ 9.00

Nail Clippers



Cancellation notification should occur no later than 24hrs prior to confirmed appointment time to avoid penalty of CI$50 being applied; this being the charge of the 1st hour of the reserved groom time.


As grooms are time sensitive and being mindful of the groom schedule programmed for the day, Precious Paws Pampering reserves the right to automatically cancel out your appointment if presentation of pet fails to occur by 15mins past the confirmed groom time. Should this automatic cancellation occur as a result of an untimely presentation of pet or no show all together occurs, a penalty of $50 will apply and may warrant the re-schedule of appointment. Contact with Precious Paws Pampering should be established to enquire if late presentation can be accommodated. The client understands that if Precious Paws Pampering accommodates the late presentation the billing of the groom will occur from the original confirmed appointment time.


All incurred service cost are to be settled upon completion of services.


Easy Online Payment available @ Butterfield - by selecting > Bill Payments > Register Payee > New Payee - select Carolyn Bodden T/A Precious Paws Pampering > Reference to be used is the Precious Paws Pampering invoice number.

Cash - KYD

Cash - USD

Local CI Check

Local USD Check. Value per USD is 80 cents


Clients may earn Precious Paws Pampering Currency of $5 for each pet that is referred to Precious Paws Pampering which results in rendered service. Precious Paws Pampering Currency can only be applied against groom cost and is not cash redeemable.